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Progress Made in the Research of NO Fluorescent Probes and Biosensors by CCNU Research Team

Revision:Lan Yiqian, Li ZiyiDate:2019/04/05

Recently, Professor Li Haibing, Sun Yao and Yang Guangfu from the School of Chemistry of CCNU successfully fabricated a nitric oxide(NO)-responsive artificial nanochannel with high specificity, which realized the detection of NO with high sensitivity and recyclability. The research results were published online on March 21 onNat. Commun,a subjournal ofNature. CCNU is the only communication unit. Professor Sun Yao, the first author of the research, is an outstanding youth talent introduced from Stanford University.

Endogenous NO is an important messenger molecule, which participates in many complex physiological processes. However, under physiological conditions, the NO concentration is extremely low and it is difficult to regulate. Therefore, it poses a challenge to achieve the detection of NO with high specificity, high sensitivity and recyclability.

To solve this problem, the research team combined the traditional fluorescent probe design with the sensitive detection characteristics of biomimetic nano-channel, modified the traditional fluorescence molecule rhodamine framework to synthesize NO-responsive spiraled fluorescence probe, and introduced it into the nanochannel. The results of this study lay a foundation for the development of recyclable NO biosensors. Also, they are expected to be used in the monitoring of related physiological processes and the controlled release of NO-related anti-tumor drugs.

This work was supported by the National Key R&D Program of China (2018YFD0200102,2017YFA0505203), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (21572076, 21772055, and 21708012), the 111 Project (B170l9), Wuhan Scientific and Technological Projects (2015020l0l010079), and Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities.

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